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Assessment Process

If you are having pain that has not been resolved, a different approach may prove helpful. I provide a clinical postural assessment which often identifies previously unknown issues.

  1. A free 15-minute phone consult is required prior to scheduling an appointment.
  2. Prior to scheduling an appointment, filling out an online health history form is necessary.
  3. What is a Clinical Postural Assessment?
    • Evaluates your spinal alignment both sitting and lying down.
    • Measures the tilt of your hips and pelvis.
    • Assesses neck and shoulder alignment.
    • Identifies any areas of muscle strength imbalance
  1. I will review what your previous treatments have been with as much detail as possible.
  2. Once issues are identified, I may recommend treatments at my office that might  include myofascial and/or craniosacral treatment.
  3. If appropriate, we’ll discuss options you may want to try: Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Specialty Physical Therapy, Massage or Chiropractic.

It is recommended that you get a medical doctor’s opinion if you have a painful condition. The information provided by your massage therapist or bodyworker is for educational purposes and is not diagnostically prescriptive in nature.

If you live at a distance and are unable to travel to my office in Stowe, I have also helped many people through phone consultations after gathering as much history as possible.

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Skilled Neuromuscular and Craniosacral Therapy treatment can more easily and efficiently release the habituated patterns and provide relief.