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Neck Pain and Whiplash

$120 per 1-Hour Session

Our necks, also known as the cervical spine, are meant to naturally have a slight S-shape. Poor posture and excessive repetitive actions from work and play will make us prone to muscle spasms and pain. In addition, a sudden motion or impact from a fall or car accident can easily stress the tendons, ligaments and muscles that hold that natural curve in place, causing spasm and injury. I treat these painful conditions by assessing posture, treating the imbalance and then quieting the spasmed muscles.

The sensitive palpation skills I have learned and honed over decades of treatment experience are especially helpful in identifying this type of problem. Using my skilled neuromuscular therapy trigger point technique is often essential to providing relief.

Even when there has been some minor tearing of muscle or ligament tissues, I often find that the pain is coming predominately from muscle spasms. My knowledge of neuromuscular therapy treatment can efficiently release the spasms and significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the pain.

Other causes of neck pain

In some cases, muscles spasm around the nerve roots coming from a vertebra. This is called “nerve entrapment.” These spasms can mimic “nerve compression,” which is caused by bone or disc pressure on a spinal nerve and can be equally painful. Nerve entrapment is often not considered by traditional medical practitioners and is treatable through my skillset. Nerve compression takes patience to treat and relieve. It may require postural correction as well as muscle-strength building and function improvement.

Even if there is an injury that requires surgery, treating spasms of this type before surgery can support recovery from pain. If you still have pain after surgery, I may be able to help or refer you to someone who can.

Don’t hesitate to call for a free phone consultation to determine whether I might be able to help you. I’m at 802-730-4955.


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Skilled Neuromuscular and Craniosacral Therapy treatment can more easily and efficiently release the habituated patterns and provide relief.