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Covid-19 Period Treatment Requirements and Practices

What my clients must do:

*(This information will be covered on the phone or in person before each treatment.)

  • You must wear a mask at all times except when face down in the tables face cradle.
  • A three week Quarantine is required if you have left the state.
  • I will not treat out of state clients for now.
  • You will be given a Covid Questionnaire which you must answer before entering my office regarding coughs and fevers, travel, shopping, socializing and mask wearing.
  • Client intake and post treatment conversations will predominantly take place outdoors.
  • I will come get you at your car. Color and Model will be requested.
  • I reserve the right to cancel our treatment session at any point if health questions arise.

What I will do to keep us both safe:

  • I will also always wear a mask.
  • I will only treat two clients per day until the Covid Virus is strongly subdued.
  • All touched surfaces will be cleaned with sterilizing cleaners after each client.
  • As much as possible two windows will be open to help ventilate the treatment room.
  • Preferred payment is by credit card, check or exact cash (otherwise I will credit any additional balance).
  • To be safe with my elder friend I immediately wash all my clothes and client linens soon after treatments are completed.

Thank you for your honesty and directness in your answers and supportive practices.




Skilled Neuromuscular and Craniosacral Therapy treatment can more easily and efficiently release the habituated patterns and provide relief.