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Back Pain

$120 per 1-Hour Session

Back pain can have many sources. Some common back muscle strains or spasms can be relieved with one or two treatments of my work. Other issues may require more complex assessments including a clinical postural review which I will do for each first-time back pain client.

When we have postural distortions, sets of muscles stay chronically shortened while others are chronically lengthened creating joint stress and wear. These distortions also make some muscles prone to spasm and strain.

If I discover a strong postural distortion, after doing what will best help in the moment, I will provide some stretches and refer my client to physical therapists who have been consistently successful providing long term relief.

Clients have come to me with continued pain after surgery. This can at times be helped by my work that releases scare tissue and/or chronic muscle spasms or neurological trauma that can be residuals of their injury or surgery.

The techniques and personal skills I bring to the table have allowed me to help clients who have tried other modalities with little or no success.

It is my goal to provide you with the best long-term relief with the least cost and discomfort. From my experience, offering my clients education and tools to discover better care for themselves is the best outcome.


Skilled Neuromuscular and Craniosacral Therapy treatment can more easily and efficiently release the habituated patterns and provide relief.