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With cranial sacral therapy he has been able to provide me with tremendous pain relief (for what had been unbearable ear pressure), where excellent physicians and other skilled and passionate alternative therapy practitioners could not. More recently, Brad also has made it possible for my body to adjust to and function on high doses of prednisone (reducing or eliminating such prednisone side effects as jitteriness, insomnia, and mood swings). It actually seems unbelievable to me how he can feel and know what is needed. His touch is intuitive, gentle, and sensitive, and his hands are large and strong. Brad also is inquisitive, and looks to learn further about whatever he thinks is appropriate and possibly beneficial to help his clients heal. And he always goes that extra mile. For instance, when I was going to be traveling for an extended period, he showed my husband some pressure points to use to try to help relieve my ear pressure.

And rather than treating my daughter for a particular type of chronic migraine from which she had suffered for over 24 years, he suggested that she pursue another specialized approach that he believed would provide her with the better results. She had seen top-ranked national physicians in their fields, as well as various alternative therapy practitioners, and nobody, until Brad, had figured out how to help her. In two minutes, though, he saw the problem, and then graciously referred her elsewhere. I simply cannot recommend Brad to you more highly. Whenever a friend has a difficult, unresolved health problem where Brad might be able to help, my response is always, “See Brad!”.

University Professor