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After my third and fourth spine surgeries, including a fusion at L4 and L5… I began consulting with Brad Highburger, LMT, RCST. I was seeking specific information about the source of my continuing pain and the actions that I could take to alleviate the discomfort… I was seeking specific information I could share with my PT. I also had to have hand surgery during the recovery from the fourth surgery on my spine…which complicated my recovery and considerably added to my anxiety and pain.

Following his advice… with his ability to pinpoint the exact areas that were triggering the pain… I was able to reduce the nonstop pain with the use of alternative natural pain relief supplements… both topical and oral. Stronger allopathic drugs were contraindicated for me and homeopathic supplements suggested by Brad markedly eased the discomfort without creating further adverse reactions. Brad helped me understand the sources of the pain and explained very clearly the healing process… which greatly reduced my anxiety.

Brad’s understanding of the human body is profound and he is capable of listening and questioning someone that helps them choose the right actions to accelerate the healing process. Having a consultation with Brad before and even after the surgery made a huge difference in my healing journey.